Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)


Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War IMDB Link

Directed By: Je-gyu Kang

Written By: Je-gyu Kang

Starring: Dong-Kun Jang, Bin Won

There’s some crazy fact about how 20% of Korean’s watched Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War. For me, The Korean War was just a day or two in history class and then I moved on but for them it’s a recent tragedy that is still on their minds. Tae Guk Gi is loosely based on a true story of two brothers who went to war for the South but then a series of events happened to the highly decorated brother and he defected to the north making them enemies.

I think it’s funny how many snobby film elitists thumb their noses at Spielberg and yet every war film post Saving Private Ryan rips off his 45 degree, high shutter speed, bleach bypass look like they would have thought of it without him doing it first.

Brotherhood of War employs a similar technique and in fact it employs a lot of western techniques and I’m not a big fan of that decision.  This film is incredibly corny, so corny that it would take me out of scenes. The beginning of the film is so thick with over the top joy and happiness to contrast the later scenes of horrifying violence that it almost made me want to throw up. That’s right, I found the corny, blatantly obvious scenes to be harder to watch than the war scenes.

Are the war parts corny? No, they are extremely violent and hectic like Saving Private Ryan but it added to the “no imagination” factor that really annoyed me throughout the film. It seemed like the question “how do we tell this story?” never crossed the film makers minds and instead they just looked to the west for all the answers. What frustrates me is that it is lazy film making but it’s also because The Korean War isn’t exactly WW II where it’s been exhausted to death and instead of a unique perspective we get a telling of The Korean War as if it was WW II.

The epicness and scale is large and more than anything I’m betting Korea spent a lot of money on this film to show they could make the same quality of production as Hollywood. They most definitely accomplished this with the exception of a couple bad CGI parts as there are tons of explosions and realistic set pieces.

My opinion of this film is not the norm as most people love it and almost all of them cry like babies while watching but for me the lack of imagination and overt corniess that was multiplied by the corn-tastic soundtrack made it just average to me. Kudos to them for being able to make something in the vein of Hollywood as very few countries are capable of that but I would rather have watched something original than just a safe imitation.

16 Responses to “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)”

  1. Dude your a complete asshole. There lives turned completely upside down, what kind of human are you?

  2. 2 Alex

    Making a war movie have a meaningful storyline is very damn difficult. Also you never really give any reason for it bring “corny”
    Its a war movie…of coarse it will have the same elements as other war movies.
    It’s not only trying to capture the story of two brothers ( which may not all be true…but hey which movie based on a true story is ?) it is trying to capture the image of Korean warfare.
    Have some respect for the people who fought in the war and for the people who mourn over their sacrifice.

  3. 3 miki

    best true story ever war movie !

  4. 4 daniel lee

    Wow u should just go into war dickhead so many people in every war die what the hell do u mean corny huh

  5. 5 Edward

    Dude, you just go jack off. Cause the part where you said at the beginning it showing off how joy they are and at the middlebof the movie it shows how horrified. Dude the reason its like that is because its showing how much they love each other and then that ruened upside down. Are you stupid because its certainly not the people from the movie or anyone who commented think before you put what about what you think about this movie

  6. 6 Christian Lee

    Really, war being corny? Someone never being in combat saying something like that should not be said. The fact you didn’t understood the beginning means you don’t understand the bond between him and his brother. In other words, you have a horrible movie review taste.

  7. 7 Ike

    You are all the insults I can think of right now. You don’t know what its like to see family members slaughtered by the same people. Its a WAR movie and of course yeah some parts may be corny but its supposed to be violent to be war and back then, war was more brutal.. If you didn’t cry or at least tear up, that means you are a major dick with no heart. You don’t have a brother and Korean culture is different from American culture. Family is everything so imagining leaving your brother to die is sad but of course you don’t understand. Go rot in hell

  8. You poor stupid bastard. Why post this when everyone will shit on your taste in movies? Shi bahl secki

  9. I thought you had to B-Nice when you review a movie.

    You poor sack of shit.

  10. 10 Anonymous

    your a fucking twat.

  11. 11 dyan

    Your blog is fcked up. imagine if you were on the front lines. war is ugly. This movie didn’t sugar coat it. Too real for your sappy ass.

  12. 12 Glenda

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  13. 13 Anonymous

    as an active duty American soldier stationed in korea, i think what you believe is “corny” is actually something that most ethnocentric americans simply cannot understand, during those happy parts in the beginning of the movie, you actually saw a lot of south korean culture. they are very giddy, hands on, and affectionate as a culture. you need to remember that this movie was made my south koreans, from a south korean perspective. so instead of judging this movie from your as corny from american perspective filter, instead take it for what it is and see if you can learn something about south korean culture but looking at how they see the world and the korean war.

  14. 14 Anonymous

    You obviously haven’t studied the Korean War enough to be just making these conclusions with a movie. This movie is actually quite historically correct, and the two brother are to represent North and South Korea. Korea was united before but now they are like two brothers separated. So please, just shut the fucking hell up.

  15. 15 Anonymous

    Shibal gae-saeki, what the hell does this guy know about wars like the Korean war? I’m Korean and I am offended by this fat fuck’s words. All this guy does is shit on people’s faces and treats war as a joke. This person should just go to hell with all of the other people horrible people. The only thing good this guy can do well is to shoot himself in the head. Go think again you racist asshole! Gae-saeki shibal. Jot gae saeki.

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